Responsible Farming

Cows in a fieldIn many ways farming as a business and livelihood is unique, as it involves not only the production of a product but also the welfare of livestock, the maintenance of the environment and the appearance of our countryside, not just now, but for the long term future.

We regard all of these facets of modern farming as being equally important and believe that one affects the other.

We believe that well cared for, relaxed dairy herds, produce better milk and that this will be appreciated by the people who drink it. Also that natural, well maintained farmland, maintained without the use of synthetic chemicals is not only better for the wildlife that lives on it, but also for the people who work it.

Our aim is to be responsible custodians of the part of the countryside in which we live and work, naturally sustaining its character and helping to ensure its maintenance and development for the future.

To help do this we develop and maintain Farm Environmental and Development plans, and work with bodies such as, The Soil Association, The RSPCA, Freedom Foods, Elm Farm Research and other such organisations. Our association with these and other independent bodies helps to ensure that our policies are all based on the very best practices, standards and knowledge.