Organic Milk

A lakeFor dairy herds, organic farming means that they are given the best levels of animal welfare and graze naturally, in meadows grown without the use or artificial chemicals.

Cows are animals that naturally like to be part of a herd and forage for their food. Organic farming principles help them to do this. Only in winter, when the ground is soft and the grass isn’t growing, are Coombe Farm cows kept indoors. At that time they are fed on organic silage and other food, most of which is grown on our own farms.

The Soil Association standard for dairy herds stipulates that there should be a minimum of two hectares of grazing for three cows, this is a third more than that required on non organic farms.

Organic farmers believe the greater grazing area given to their cows is not just better for their welfare; it also leads to better quality milk and also helps to sustain the environment in which they live.

As well as Soil Association checks on, and approval of our organic farming practices, Coombe Farm has RSPCA Freedom Food accreditation and its own Milk Assurance Scheme. This means that we subscribe to the highest levels of animal welfare and are subjected to additional independent checks that prove we maintain the very best levels of animal care and husbandry.