Cows in a fieldCoombe Farm Farms is certified organic by The Soil Association. This is an added assurance that the highest organic principals have been applied from the fields to the shop shelf, with everything being grown or handled organically by Coombe Farm.

For dairy herds, organic farming means that the cows have more room to graze naturally. On organic dairy farms cows must have the opportunity to graze freely and it is normal for two hectares to provide grazing for three cows. This compares to four cows usually being kept on the same area on a non organic farm where the cattle are allowed outside.

Organic farmers believe the greater grazing area given to their cows is not just better for their welfare, it also leads to better quality milk.

As well as Soil Association approval, Coombe Farm Farming has its own stringent Assurance Scheme and RSPCA Freedom Food accreditation.

As well as being a firm believer that organic farming brings real benefits to everyone involved, from those working on the land, the animals living on it and consumers enjoying the food that’s produced, Coombe Farm has been instrumental in encouraging and guiding several other farms in the South Somerset area to switch from conventional to organic dairy farming.