About Us

The Coombe Farm Milk Supply Group, or ‘Milk Pool’, is a dedicated collective of organic farmers working closely alongside Coombe Farm’s own dairy farms. The Milk Pool team gives a fully integrated operation and organisation, from the dairy herds to the collection of milk and its delivery to factory, and ensures customers have full traceability and organic quality control of their milk.

In addition, the farmers who are members of the Milk Pool benefit from the input of Coombe Farm’s expertise and knowledge, as well as the marketing of the milk they produce.
Another advantage is that being a closely-knit operation, the Coombe Farm organisation cuts down on ‘food miles’, giving additional environmental benefits as well as fresher milk. (Link to map of our farms)

The Milk Pool’s aim is to be a dairy industry standard-setter at every level, working to the highest levels of environmental and energy conservation, animal welfare and food hygiene.